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Vol. 1, Issue 3: Winter 2010

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An Official Publication of New Millennium Ministries Inc.

"Christ chose some of us to be apostles, prophets, missionaries, pastors, and teachers, so that his people would learn to serve and his body would grow strong. This will continue until we are united by our faith and by our understanding of the Son of God. Then we will be mature, just as Christ is, and we will be completely like him. We must stop acting like children. We must not let deceitful people trick us by their false teachings, which are like winds that toss us around from place to place. (Eph 4:11-14; CEV)

New Millennium Ministries is an approved tax-exempt corporation, registered in the state of North Carolina and approved by the United States government as a 501(C)(3) organization. The organization is "exclusively for religious, charitable, educational, and scientific purposes" and may fulfill such purpose by pioneering new churches and ordaining qualified men and women to the ministry. It has an unequivocal statement of nondiscrimination and an inherent belief in the Bible as the foundation of salvation by faith. By nature, the organization is evangelical, compassionate, global, and embraces the beatific leadership approach in theory and practice.

Why New Millennium Ministries?

NMM offers opportunities for fellowship and growth that are not as restrictive and intrusive as some denominations. We respect the local church’s autonomy and at the same time promote a healthy balance for fellowship and learning. In addition, we host in-depth conferences geared for spiritual growth and authentic Christian education. We promote missions in several continents including, Asia, Africa and North and South America where we have direct contacts. We also offer opportunities for exchange of ideas in specific ministry areas such as youth, children, women, and other ministries. NMM also provides access to specific ministry areas such as substance abuse rehabilitation through Voices for Recovery. Indeed Christ saved us individually but he expects us to serve him collectively, within His body. We join our gifts together for the perfection of the saints and for the work of the ministry. As we continue to seek to define NMM, it is very encouraging to witness the desire for fellowship and biblically based teaching and worship. We are committed to transparency and beatific leadership.


New Millennium Ministries and Unity

The need for unity in these challenging times reminds us of a campfire. As long as the wood is together, the fire will blaze well. The wind will only make the fire burn brighter. When it is time to put out the fire however, all one needs to do is to separate the wood and the fire will eventually go out. This analogy depicts the need for us to stay connected with each other and encourage each another. The Master himself said, "By this shall all men know that you are my disciples if you have love for each other" (John 13:35). Secondly, there seems to be a hunger for the sincere milk of the Word of God. Because of improper exegesis of the Bible, many have gone astray following the way of the world rather than the way of the Word. While we do not dictate the manner of worship (singing, dancing, shouting, etc), we do expect the practice of NMM churches to be biblically sound. Remember that our feelings do not interpret the scripture, but rather the scripture interprets our feelings and experiences.


The ordination service will take place at the Second Annual Conference of New Millennium Ministries at Colony Beach Resort in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on Sunday November 7, 2010 at 10:00 a.m. Those ordained to this holy calling are:

Pastor Charles Taylor: Rev. Charles Taylor began his ministry in 1955 spreading the gospel through song with various quartets such as the Royalties of Angier, NC, the Blind Boys of Mobile, Alabama and Joe Ligon and the Mighty Clouds of Joy. In 1964, he founded the Pure Gospel Church of Christ in Raleigh, NC and began his preaching ministry.  He continues to spread the Word of God through song and preaching of the Word; and is currently serving as Pastor at Moore's Chapel Holiness Church in Lillington, NC.  He also devotes his time to various nursing homes, family gatherings, funerals, counseling to young men and battered women, and revivals in the state of North Carolina and beyond.  His main interest is evangelism, spreading the Word of God.  He is happily married to Edna Taylor and is the father of three daughters, three sons, and four stepsons.  He currently resides in Dunn, NC.

Pastor Deonarin (Ben) Singh: Pastor Singh was converted from Hinduism to Christianity at an early age and preached the gospel of Jesus Christ for over 40 years. He has traveled widely to North America and other parts of the world and has pioneered several churches. At present, he and his wife, Norma, are pastors of People’s Christian Fellowship in West Coast Berbice in Guyana, South America. The church has about 35 active and involved members. Pastor Singh completed Bible College at the Center for Evangelism in Guyana and preached in several continents including North America, Europe, and South America. The greatest need of his church is to build a new roof for the Church and the estimated cost is $15,000.00 (US). His mailing address is Lot 1 Section B, No. 7 Village, West Coast Berbice, Guyana; and his telephone number is 011-592-670-2517. Pastor Singh will receive his ordination in absentia.

Donation of Car to NMM Pastor: When Pastor Jane Hardee needed a vehicle to transport children to church, she prayed fervently and made her needs known. Rev. Russell Sherman stepped up to the challenge and along with his wife Regina, presented to Pastor Hardee a Jeep Cherokee to be used for God’s work. NMM expresses sincerest thanks to Rev. & Mrs. Sherman for their obedience to Christ and their sacrificial gift to the ministry.

New Church Founded at Fuquay Varina: Living by the Word Praise and Worship Center meets at Jonathan’s House Christian Academy, 15 Randy Court, Fuquay Varina, NC. They have Sunday morning worship at 11:00 a.m. (except fifth Sunday) and Bible Study every Thursday at 7:00 p.m. For more information contact Pastors Randy and Sylvia James Tel: (919) 552 0354; 612 3732; 612 8272. The church celebrates Joy Night on a scheduled basis and invites the public to attend. Living by the Word held its first revival on October 29-31, 2010.

clayton new millenium churchClayton New Millennium Church, NC: Clayton Church held the Ministers in Training (MIT) summer classes for our youth.  The classes were for six hours a week- three hours of practical ministry and three hours of teaching (Bible Survey, doctrine and theology). Each session was for one hour and classes had homework and tests. The students worked to provide money for the ministries of their choice. Over the summer three youths were baptized by the Clayton NMM Church. They are Jessica Jones, Joshua Jones, and Bryson Woodell. At the quarterly youth service, Jessica Jones and Andrew Rambarran preached the sermon and the youths conducted the whole service. Recently God has been adding new members to the church almost every week. Jane Hardee is the Senior Pastor here and can be reached at 919-553-6684. E-mail: claytonchurch@newmillmin.org or jhardeeagm@gmail.com

Send the Light Evangelistic Church, New York: While Send the Light Ministries continues to grow in India, Jamaica, and New York, Haiti knocked on our door due to the recent earthquake. Our ministry has been working with All For Haiti, a non-profit group made up of young Haitians who have long and short-term goals in Haiti. Orphanages have been assisted, and now plans are being put in place to start skills training and build new schools in rural towns. Permission has now been granted by the Ministry of Education for all programs. We covet your prayers for the years ahead. Bible Church Mission in India continues to grow. A second floor has been added to the existing structure and the work is being carried on faithfully. Pastor Yohan is continually inviting everyone to go and see. The ministry in New York continues to grow under the pastorate of Rev. Ken Kong. The leadership includes Mr. and Mrs. Verasammy and the church meets at their home. Address: 88-28 173rd Street, Jamaica, NY 11432. Tel: (718) 523-3359. E-mail: preacherkong@yahoo.com


NC Voices For Recovery (NCVFR). This is a Bible based organization which adopts a holistic approach towards the restoration of individuals and their families affected by substance abuse. This year (2010) is a major year for NCVFR. We went into an intense session to get the best ideas and develop a strategic plan for the organization. The plan includes acquiring 20 acres of land and putting up two safe houses for substance abuse addicts and staffing the facilities. THE NEED IS $200,000.00 to complete this project. Pray, contribute and work.

NC Voices for RecoveryOn August 28, 2010, NCVFR hosted a very well attended and successful "RIDE FOR RECOVERY" program in Benson, NC. The attendance exceeded expectations and the committee worked well together. Contact: 910 658 6902. Web: www.ncv4recovery.org. Rev. Russell Sherman is the founder president of NCV4R.



Letter from Rev. Sherman Russell, Founding Director of NCVFR to the members of NCVFR: "This past season NCVFR held its 3rd annual recovery awareness event on August 28th, which was held in Benson, NC. From the earlier part of the year NCVFR and its associates worked diligently to bring this event together to create awareness. I am thankful for the work our members did to make this year’s event a great success.  We received great reports of the event and got an impressive write up in the Benson paper. The whole purpose of the event was to bring awareness of recovery. It will be redundant for us to continue the awareness that drugs are bad, much like the campaign, "Just Say No!" which is telling a young child not to get into the cookies jar. The awareness of recovery and the support for recovery is our primary mission. Because there is a great need for more recovery missions and facilities in our state, NCVFR has been working on building its own facility in our area. This annual event and the purpose of the mission of NCVFR have grabbed the attention of individuals who wish to become part of this ministry. I thank God for sending passionate servants and members out to us. Most of these have had their own experience in recovery and are willing to grow with this ministry. Our Stage Production manager, Dennis Beckwith did a wonderful job, again, this year with some awesome bands from the local area. Angela Sills and Gloria Lee, once again proved to be faithful servants as they and the Union Community Church of Dunn helped to serve the food while Kenny Fulcher, from Fayetteville NC, and his team cooked the food. I also would like to thank the OL ‘Timers (www.ol-timers.com), for their assistance in the motor cycle planning and escorting. We had about 40 bikers who showed up to support the awareness in Lillington, NC around 10 am. They were then escorted approximately 48 miles into the little town of Benson at noon. Next year we are hoping to have a longer escort that will travel through other little towns as we advertise the awareness for recovery. We are now working on a project that will send NCVFR into a full time ministry. I want to thank the board members who, in their wisdom have led us. We are looking at a place near to Erwin, NC where we will be allowed to provide a safe place for addicts who are seeking assistance in their recovery. I would also like to thank the members of New Millennium Ministries for their assistance in catapulting us to where we are today, and with the continuing support and advice from the Board Members of NCVFR, we can look forward to greater gains and support from the communities around us. We have received great support from all who made this year’s event a success and will invite them all to our 4th annual event scheduled to be on August 27th 2011. "…for we have regard for what is honorable, not only in the sight of the Lord, but also in the sight of men." 2 Corinthians 8:21

NMM Partners & Friends

NMM continues to work with missions in Guyana, Suriname, Kenya, South Africa, India and other countries. Continue to pray for the fruits of the Kingdom in these areas.


Regent University School of Global Leadership and Entrepreneurship: to provide graduate education in Guyana and the Caribbean Region.

Moore’s Chapel, Lillington, North Carolina. This is a church with a vision to reach their community and a passion to reach the lost for Christ. One desire of the leadership is to help youths in the community to succeed in school. They hope to start after school programs to help with homework and computer skills. Services are held on the first and third Sundays of each month at 11:00 a.m. Address: 778 Moore’s Chapel Rd. Lillington, Mail: P.O. Box 1196, Lillington, NC 27546. Tel: (910) 812-2112. Email mchc77@yahoo.com Contact Deacon Joseph Williams for more information. Everyone is invited to be part of this exciting ministry.

Shining Light Ministries of Clarkton, NC is proud to be a friend of New Millennium Ministries. It is a community outreach ministry to proclaim and uplift our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and His Kingdom.  The goal is to unite God’s people regardless of denominational barriers, thus, reaching lost souls.  This is done by establishing community outreach functions in conjunction with other churches, ministries, and organizations, by providing classes on various subjects in order to help and assist others in their Christian walk, by encouraging and supplying an opportunity for others to use their various gifts and talents, and by reaching out and providing an atmosphere of love, grace and encouragement to all.  Everyone is invited to come and become a part of Shining Light Ministries.  Community planning meetings are held the last Friday of each month at 6:30 p.m., weekly Bible study meetings are each Thursday at 7:00 p.m., and the Caring & Sharing Group meetings are each Friday at 10:00 a.m..  The ministry is located at 113 WS Railroad Street, Clarkton, NC. For more information or if you would like to be on Shining Light Ministries' email list, contact Reverends David and Reba Little, 910-647-0039 or 910-647-5231. Email Address: shininglight@embarqmail.com.  Mailing Address: PO Box 131, Clarkton, NC  28433.

Foundation of Faith Ministries, Shallotte, N.C. In March of 2008, Kevin and Teresa Matthews founded Foundation of Faith Ministries. Their hope is to have an impact on the local community, working with other pastors and ministries, preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and teaching some key principles found in the scriptures such as purpose, place/position, and prosperity. We all have a purpose in the Kingdom of God, a place or position to fulfill that purpose, and then God can and will prosper you with the resources needed, in helping you fulfill that purpose, in that place/position; equipping you in order to minister to others. Pastors Dr. Kevin & Teresa Matthews, P.O. Box 2368, Shallotte, NC 28459. Tel: 910-755-7614 www.foundationfaith.com

COMING SOON: Triple A’s of Faith by Dr. Kevin Matthews. Kevin is inviting contributions to make this possible. The cost of publication is over $2,000.

Fraternal Relations:

Acts 2 Network: 1935 Jolliff Road, Chesapeake, VA 23321. Website: www.act2network.org and inquiry email address: connect@acts2network.org in care of Managing Director, Phillip Hughes.

Whitley Church: Pastor Ferrell Hardison, 188 Whitley Church Rd. Princeton, NC 27569-8809 (919) 735-5411. www.whitleychurch.com


Thoughts on Baptism

Jessica Jones a 14-year-old of Clayton NMM church was baptized on August 7, 2010 and wrote the following:

What I think it means to be baptized is that you renew yourself. When you come up out of the water, you are a new person, a new you. I think that it’s important because baptism is a serious thing, and some people don't realize how serious it is. I think it’s serious because, when you renew yourself, you have to be better person. You have to change the way you act, speak, or do anything. You have to put Jesus first always- before your family, before your friends, and before everything.

What is Baptism? The definition of Baptize is:

1. To immerse (an individual), in water, or sprinkle water over (the individual), as a symbol of admission into Christianity or a specific Christian church.

2. To subject to an initiation or an ordeal that purifies or cleanses.

3. To give a first name to as part of the baptismal ceremony. Some people think they have to be baptized to get to heaven, but the Bible says we cannot get to heaven by doing things, such as being baptized. Jesus did it all! Jesus lived a perfect life, died on the cross for our sins, and rose from the dead. We must trust in Jesus alone, not our own good works, to save us.
Although baptism cannot save you, baptism is important. If you have trusted in the Lord Jesus to become a Christian, Jesus commands you to get baptized (Matthew 28:19). A pastor dips a believer under the water and then raises him out of the water a moment later.
Going down under the water is a picture of Jesus’ death and burial for sin. Coming back out of the water is a picture of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. Baptism shows a believer is united with Jesus in His death and resurrection. Baptism symbolizes that a believer dies to his old, sinful self and is raised to new life in Christ. Baptism shows everyone who watches that a believer has been joined with Jesus. Since Jesus conquered sin, the believer dies to the old way of life, and God gives him new life to follow Jesus. Baptism is a picture of how Jesus saves believers from death to life! I want to be baptized because I feel that I should renew myself. I want to tell people that I am living FULLY for God and MEAN it. This is what I believe Baptism is about, and why I want to be baptized, and why I think it’s important to be baptized.

News from Guyana, South America

NMM plans another trip to Guyana next year to conduct revival meetings, leadership training, and developing the church. We have fraternal relations with Pastor Mohamed Yasin of the Bartica Full Gospel Church. In July 2011, NMM will have a month long campaign in Guyana with revivals, youth programs, leadership training and other mission based work. We will spend time with People’s Christian Fellowship, Bartica Full Gospel Church and other groups in Guyana.

Report from Kenya, East Africa: Letter from Rev. Benjamin Nakuku who left the United States with his wife and family last year to continue God’s work in Kenya, East Africa. This letter was written in August to one of the leaders of NMM:

Report from KenyaThis letter contains updates of what we are involved with since we arrived here in Kakamega, Kenya. I also wanted to seek your assistance in establishing support for us here in Kenya.  We need approximately $ 700.00 monthly to cover our basic needs for food, house rent and utilities, schooling and clothes for our kids here in Kakamega city that we moved in… Please assist me in this matter since we are finding it hard to survive as a family while serving here without a support. I trust in your leadership and of all the people I met in America. You know me better and you have personally seen what Kenya looks like and the feeling of the burden of God's work here. I hope this makes sense for you to prayerfully consider my situation. This matters to me a lot and I believe as a ministry partner and my Spiritual leader you will ask others to pray for me the work in Kenya.

We love and miss you all. Give our Love to NMM.


Benjamin Nakuku, P.O. Box 2352, Kakamega 50100, Kenya (EA). Cell # 011254711606143 Benjamin feeding the children in Kenya

NMM Ministers

Nellene DeLoatch at 910-381-7734 or by e-mail at nellene_deloatch@yahoo.com. (Note underscore between Nellene and DeLoatch). Nellene has relocated to Washington DC and intends to pioneer a church there.

Jane Hardee: Tel: 919 553 6684. e-mail: jhardeeagm@gmail.com. Pastor, Clayton NMM Church.

Gloria Hood- Tel: 919 272 5234; 919 938 9469; 919 252 5234 faithgjh@yahoo.com. Remember Gloria in prayers as she recovers from illness.

Jerry & Julie Jailall, jjailall@mindsring.com. They are now working abroad.

Randy James, Sylvia James: Tel: (919) 552 0354; 612 3732; 612 8272 E-mail: rjfuquay@aol.com

Dwarka Ramphal (910 619 1002), Rita Ramphal Tel: 910 892 8305. E-mail: ramphalad@yahoo.com

Mary Spradley: Tel: 252 375 5676 e-mail: magsapastor@yahoo.com. Leading several Bible study sessions in the Greenville area, Mary coordinates the women’s ministry on NMM.

Benjamin Nakuku: E-mail: atanurse@yahoo.com. NMM’s ambassador to the African Continent.

Russell Sherman: Tel: 910 658 6902. E-mail: russellsherman640@gmail.com

Ordination and ministry: So far, NMM had ordained 14 ministers of the Gospel. We view the call of God as an individual call by the Holy Spirit and encourage each of our ministers to be authentic and autonomous in him/herself. We do not, as some cults do, micro-manage the life and function of our ministers. We have an open system and do not subscribe to secret meetings as cults do. In the sixth beatitude, Jesus said, "Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God" (Matthew 5:8) thereby showing that it is through a transparent system of Christian government, without politics and selfishness, that God’s church should function. I have seen a denomination where corrupt politicians will look like angels by comparison. These things should not be in the body of Christ. Let every minister give an account of him/herself before God.

NMM on MissionsNMM on Missions: The Fishing Rod Approach: The old adage said that if a man is hungry and you give him a fish, you give him a meal; but if you teach him how to fish, you give him a lifetime of meals. As NMM seeks to serve God’s churches in other countries; we support our churches in Kenya, East Africa and Guyana, South America. Our approach has always been one that encourages an initial investment that leads to indigenous self-sufficiency and economic independence. Yes there are those who have the gift of giving and like to invest in ministries abroad. We believe that such investments should support our ministers in a way that will help them to build and develop strong spiritual and economic leadership in developing countries. Sometimes, if one has never experienced the hardships within a developing country, it becomes easy to criticize the apparent ‘lack of motivation’ and ‘dependency’ of the people who live there. The solution lies in what was demonstrated by Aaron and Hur as they held up the hands. "But, Moses' hands were heavy; and they took a stone and put it under him, and he sat thereon. And Aaron and Hur held up his hands, the one on the one side and the other on the other side; and his hands were steady until the going down of the sun" (Ex. 17:12).

Opinions to the Editor

The call to be a disciple is a call to surrender all for the sake of Christ. According to Detrich Bonhoeffer, "The cross is laid on every Christian. The first Christ-suffering which every man must experience is the call to abandon the attachments of this world. … we surrender ourselves to Christ in union with His death—we give over our lives to death. … When Christ calls a man, He bids him come and die. …death in Jesus Christ, the death of the old man [or nature] at his call. Jesus’ summons to the rich young man was calling him to die, because only the man who is dead to his own will can follow Christ. In fact, every command of Jesus is a call to die, with all our affections and lusts. But we do not want to die…"

This ‘death’, this walking the way (via Delarosa) of humility and shame is what Christian leaders shrink from and prefer to dapple in petty matters of church politics while at the same time harboring and nurturing their petty prejudices, hatred, racism, and pride in order to promote their churches, political ideologies and denominations. I want to dare to make a statement which I am prepared to defend at any cost: "You cannot be a racist and a Christian at the same time- one has to go." Historically, the Bible has been used to defend slavery, ignorance, segregation, and brutality of every kind. Today in more subtle ways churches still propagate prejudices and hatred for other peoples, regardless of their faith and beliefs. Rev. Jones in Florida wanted to burn Qurans to show his distaste for Islam. Others, in more subtle ways, persecute those who are different and do it in the name of God. The same deacon/ deaconess who is a church leader in the local congregation today can tomorrow become the most despicable racist at the workplace, and even worse is the pastor who promotes hate and racism in his/her congregation. These things simply cannot be. So I am here to sound a warning to those who preach and practice racism in God’s congregations and organizations. One must go- either the Christian must go or the racism must go. You cannot biblically make claim to both at the same time. Jesus told the Pharisaic religious rulers of his day, "for I know you that you do not have the love of God in your hearts" (John5:42).


Ministry: Co-presidents: Dr. Dwarka Ramphal and Dr. Jerry Jailall.

Secretary: Pastor Jane Hardee; Treasurers: Zhenya Dozier/ Bibi Persaud

Board Member: Pastor Mary Spradley.


"He who does not have Christmas in his heart will not find it under a tree"

Christmas is generally a time for celebration and rejoicing, but some families face additional pain and frustration because of the many obligations associated with this time of the year. In spite of this, let us never forget the real reason for the season. Our Savior and Great Shepherd was born on this day. Unlike us, who were born to live, he was born to die- to give his life for the sins of the world. That is certainly an event worth celebrating.

Even as we enter the New Year, consider that it was roughly 2011 years ago that he was born. Let us face the New Year with faith, hope, and confidence that he, who is our Good Shepherd, will lead us into the future. We will follow him wherever he leads and not be afraid of the dangers and perils of the future. PEACE AND BLESSINGS TO ALL!

Contribution: Please make a contribution by check or money order and designate it for a ministry or a specific aspect of the ministry. Our assurance to all our contributors is that the money will be spent for what it is designated. You can designate money to the ministry in general, to a specific mission/country, or to any aspect of the ministry. Please make a joyful and sacrificial gift to the ministry. Remember Guyana and Kenya in your gift.

Editors: Dr. Jerry Jailall (jjailall@mindspring.com), Dr. Dwarka Ramphal (dwarkar@hotmail.com) …



E-MAIL: ministry@newmillmin.org

TEL: 919-902-8930


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